Aimon Blodskegg ap-Huon

Company Sergeant of the Misfits


Aimon ap-Huon is built like an orc and twice as ugy. He got his nickname (Blood-Beard) from his fondness for eating raw meat, though new recruits are told it’s because he likes to eat those who fail him while under his command. While that is (probably) not true, Aimon does have a well-earned reputation for being a wild beast in and out of combat, ruthless to his foes, and harsh on his troops, though for good reason.

For fifteen years, he has been the Company Sergeant of the Misfits, a company of troublemakers, criminals, and rogues, often expected to achieve the impossible without heavy firepower or backup. Blodskegg’s men must be able to endure whatever is thrown at them, and he has no patience for those he does not feel are up to his standards or cannot handle his harsh routine.

Aimon Blodskegg ap-Huon

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