Convocation Arkhwisard


Born to a noble Alantarin family under the name Guicharde ap-Baudouin, Briggzee adopted his new name and severed all ties with his family soon after he undertook schooling at the Convocation when he learned that his family’s title and social status meant little within the organization. His arrogance, however, remained, and his boast that he would one day become an arkhwisard soon became fact.

He also became enamored with the idea of restoring the old Anari Empire, which brought him into contact with the Reclaimers. Envisioning himself as a high-ranking member of the Empire Reborn – perhaps even the Emperor himself – Briggzee devoted himself to turning the group’s dreams to a reality.

At some point, he discovered a dormant army of Steelwood Golems deep beneath a series of ruins some distance outside the Imperial City. Rather than report this find to the Convocation, he began looking for the method to activate them, an endeavor that soon brought him to the attention of the Awakeners. Briggzee and their agent, Dravin agreed to an exchange of information and materials, but when Briggzee learned the manner of the Awakeners’ techniques, he reneged on his end of the bargain, costing the group much in time and resources.

Enemies of the Awakeners eventually tracked him down, but before he could reveal much of what he knew, he was assassinated, presumably by a Black Blade of Niht..


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