Viarmo Bryling

Mage-Count of the Fourth Sphere


A vassal of Mage-Prince Dartuk Darovia, Count Viarmo Bryling was an aloof (and therefore well-liked) overseer of his people, and a respected heahwisard. At some point, he became involved with (or helped found) The Awakeners. For a time his involvment was kept a secret, as he took great pains to ensure subjects for the organizations experiments were not taken too often from his own lands near the group’s laboratory.

Eventually, Viarmo felt compelled to move up the group’s time-table in the wake of a series of severe setbacks (including the deaths of his heirs, supply problems from Chalcis, Mage-Prince Dartuk’s increasing paranoia, the disappearance and seeming betrayal of his loyal advisor Dravin, and as-of-yet unexplained complications with the Seareavers and a mysterious “Guicharde.”). Caution became secondary to speed as he feared he and his group were running out of time, which ultimately led to his discovery.

In battle beneath the Golem Hills, Ásvör slew him. Afterward, much of his research was destroyed by Lucky, and both his corpse and his staff were carried away by Gray Riders.

Viarmo Bryling

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