Gunnar Millwright

Liberated Slave


A surprisingly intelligent and well educated Saxa from the Low Winterlands, Gunnar jumped at the chance to travel the world when a small caravan passed through his small village. Unfortunately, the traders were actually agents of the Velvet Shackle, and the hapless Gunnar was enslaved once out of sight of his home.

His intellect and knowledge fetched a high price in the Magocracy, where he was sold as a scribe and tutor to a minor but ambitious house. His charge, Sorex Vinius, proved a cruel master, regularly beating Gunnar on the slightest pretense.

His spirit was broken completely, and Gunnar had resigned himself to his fate until a chance encounter with Ásvör the Stormcleaver, a Lightningdaughter of Thunor, inspired him to throw off his chains. He now seeks to aid in the downfall of the society that enslaved him.

Gunnar Millwright

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