Liam ap-Nee

Former Convocation Maegister


Master of all elements but Ertha.

Originally an Elementalist of air.

Mid-50’s: he’s been busy cultivating relations with people and nations rather than mastering elements. He’s getting close to earth, though.

Recently, after learning from Gunnar Millwright the condtions non-heahwisards live under in the Magocracy, he began pushing for the Convocation to take a more active role in world affairs. He began to sympathise with Emeric ap-Terrell’s desire to send military aid to Vestmark, eventually siding with the Captain-General and very publicly severing ties with the Convocation when the latter refused to support the war.

Liam, feeling that the organization had grown accustomed to ignoring the plight of the world at large, encouraged any and all elementalists who wished to aid their fellow man and help the people of Vestmark and Orcmark, to leave with him.


Liam ap-Nee

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