Argius's Journal, Entry 1

Plohmonan, 499 IR

Travelled to Darovia for the 154th Golemfal Festival (2nd Monandaeg of Plohmonan), the anniversary of the end of the Golem War. Many others travelled from far and wide to attend as well. House Idiran was represented by myself, Emeric, and Delbaeth.

The party itself was fairly dull. Mage-Prince Dartuk Darovia of the Fourth Sphere was not in attendance himself, which was something of a slight towards all those who travelled great distances to be here. We were given no reason for his absence, and some at the party took this as a personal affront (quietly, of course – no one would dare express any offense openly at any action of a Mage-Prince, save perhaps a Mage-Duke or another Prince)

There were several intersting bits of gossip circulating. Mage-Count Viarmo Bryling, a vassal of House Darovia, has grown increasingly isolated and hermetic following the deaths of his heirs. His death would lead to the insolvency of his County, and there are scores of rumors discussing what will happen – House Darovia is too poor to secure the lands by force, so it with either be another of Darovia’s vassals making a power grab, or a distant relative of House Bryling trying to prove a claim. Either way, duels will be fought.

Other rumors surround house the failing alliance between House Aldris and House Vindsvall, both vassals of Eastheath. The heir and only son of Mage-Baroness Ateia Aldris recently siphoned. He had been betrothed to a daughter of House Vindsvall, and house Aldris has no other sons to fulfill the obligation. Many spoke of the embarassment of House Aldris and the offense House Vindsvall was claiming, even though I’m quite sure this Mage-Barennet of House Aldris did not intentionally siphon.

It was otherwise a fairly interesting and amusing affair. I have attended only a few such events before, being only a few years past my own Staff Day. Many of the faces in attendance were new to me, even if I had heard of their names and Houses before; I knew most of the attendees by name only. One entirely new name and face was Honor-Lady Tahquil ap-Loeg, of Shapryr, representing the Convocation in the Magocracy. Had I never made her acquaintance, I might have been spared the events that followed.

A noble was announced, bearing the same given name as Lady Tahquil and stated as representative of the Convocation. We followed the false-noble through the castle, where he/she was discovered to be a shapeshifting Engro – proving that Engro are naught but lies and deceit, as we were taught. It was at this point we were accosted by a Mage-Baron who accused the Lady Tahquil of having unruly servants, servants who, on some investigation, were actually accomplices of the false-noble Engro. To my regret, I offered to guard the Engro while his accomplices were hunted, and shortly thereafter the Engro tricked us and leapt from a window, having transformed into a bird.

Assuming the business concluded, I returned to the festivities, letting the Mage-Baron who hunted the conspirators know that the Engro had escaped. I had assumed the business finished there. When the party dispersed, Emeric and I took our sleep at a nearby inn, and while breaking my fast at the inn the next morning I was accosted by members of the Darovia constabulary. I gathered my things, thinking I was being summoned to describe the false-noble Engro, but I was instead locked into the back of a cart like a common thief. I shouted for Emeric to find Delbaeth and let our father know of what transpired – at the very least, this insult should not go without response. I am confident that my station as a full Mage-Knight will guarantee me the right to a fair trial, as all Heahwisards are entitled to – I am no commoner, nor a vassal of Mage-Prince Dartuk, who he can throw in prison without cause… although with the Mad Prince involved, nothing is assured.

The Honor-Lady Tahquil was also arrested, and we were taken to a dank and dismal prison the likes of which should not even be used for violent criminals, let alone holding members of the nobility illegaly. After being manhandled into cells (and my staff taken from me), the Lady Tahquil began shouting that she was the daughter of Baron Loeg of Shapryr, which seemed foolish to me, as many of Darovia’s financial problems stem from trading difficulties with Shapryr, and Chalcia in general. Her torment therefore started first, but I was not spared – torture followed, and I have lost track of time. I suffer no delusions that I will live through this ordeal; I recognized the sign of Baleygr on my tormenter’s clothing. I can only hope that House Idiran will have the power to destroy this evil, even if I do not live to see it.

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Argius's Journal, Entry 1

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