Argius's Journal, Entry 2

Plohmonan, 499 IR

I am not sure exactly how much time passed; torture at the hands of the cult of Baleygr continued, and keeping track of time became difficult. I broke briefly, and they demanded information on what I had been doing and with whom I had been working in my service of the Order of Twelve – a myth I had heard mentioned a few times at the Academy. I named several younger members of houses loyal or friendly with Sethnor – if I must betray other Mages to this cult, I would at least prefer to betray those that are somewhat enemies of Idiran and Hergenald.

Without warning, my torturer left the chamber. I heard distant sounds of combat and began shouting incessantly for help. Some time passed, but eventually I heard the fighting draw much closer. The door near me was opened, and I managed to slip my bonds after some struggling. I slew the last of the guards – I was lucky to be so capable without my Staff.

The Honor-Lady Tahquil was discovered in the room adjacent to mine, and a broken prisoner whom I was unfamiliar with was in the only other room near the torture chambers. A large group was assembled outside the door, the rescue party having already freed a number of prisoners. However, it turned out that among my rescuers was the lying false-Noble Engro, whom I hold at least partially responsible for my imprisonment – Tahquil and I immediately recognized him.

We did not have time to berate the false-Noble Engro, and split up to search for our confiscated possessions. The Frostborn and Tahquil discovered them, and I was thankfully reunited with my Staff. The other escaping Mages and I quickly prepared our favorite offensive spells and we rejoined the others, who had taken a different hallway in search of our belongings. We came upon the Engro and two of his companions (Saxa, I believe?) being attacked by over a dozen of the cultists.

There were two other Mages fighting alongside me who had been prisoners of the Baleygr cult; one siphoned immediately. The Engro fell within seconds of being surrounded, although he thankfully survived – I do not care for him, but I do not wish his death. I killed two of the guards and the guard captain, twice with spells and once bludgeoning with my Staff like a magic-less brute (I suppose a taste of what awaits the siphoned?). The Frostborn stepped into the fray and was promptly killed – or so we thought. The remaining guards fell, the other Mage killed the priest of Baleygr, and only then did we realize that despite her injuries, the Frostborn had somehow survived.

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Argius's Journal, Entry 2

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