Character Notes

Party Discussions to Have

none at the moment.

Places to visit, and why

We want to visit the Imperial City, because the Awakeners had some contact there among the Elementalists. Presumably that is Guicharde ap-Bedouin, who has discarded his noble birth to make it as a new man.

Also Blackstone, because the regent there was involved in supplying their golem creation.

Immediate Goals

The Barony of Galmoor needs some freedom-ing done to it. The transfer of rule from the hereditary noble occupants to foreign Staff Mages (in exchange for money) has not been well received by a people unused to the Heahwisards style of overlording.

We need to figure out who the Dravin figure who served as an advisor to the Awakeners was. He’s either hostile to some Heahwisards, or a serious collaborator in some bad mojo. Either way he’d be good to meet.

Longterm Goals

The peasants of the Magocracy need more rights!

Nemith would greatly like to find out more about what the Siphoning is.

Find out who the Order of the Twelve are.


What’s the Velvet Shackles? They’re slavers! Some of us may want to beat them up.

Arturix Norwick or something was searching the Imperial City for info on lost great staves.

Brigsy’s testimony – there was a duke, garth advised him to tell his true name to the Mages. emmerick is a friend, garth is an assisstant. In his mouth, gray coin with swirl of black. Notebook- sabotage, Kelton and Bryling mentioned.

Garth’s Tattoos. Glisten like quicksilver and pulse. Party on Garth.

Character Notes

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