Party Cache

Total Loot

  • Dagger of Suffering
    • Imbued with the spell Smite, activated with a d12 Spellcasting die
    • In the possession of Nemith Tervaskanto.
    • Stolen by the Reliquary
  • The Golem’s Buckler
    • Medium Shield, grants an additional +1 Parry and +1 Toughness against ranged attacks
    • Carried by Wojekt, attuned to him and Nemith.
  • Golemcrafter’s Ring
    • This ring grants the Scholar Edge for Alchemy and Golem-crafting, and gives +1 to Alchemy rolls.
    • Carried by Argius Idiran
  • Belt of Toughness
    • This belt gives a +1 bonus to toughness and grants the “Hard to Kill” edge.
    • Carried by and attuned to Nemith.
  • Ring of Agility
    • This ring gives a +1 bonus to Agility rolls, and grants the “Quick” edge.
    • Carried by and attuned to Liaze ap-Aife
  • Cloak of Intimidation
    • +1 to Indimidate rolls, grants “Aura” spell at d10 with fire element (no wild die)
    • Carried by and attuned to Tahquil.
  • Hand of Warding
    • Spell of Warding

2790 scields



Loot Log


Logged 790 scields from Peter’s character sheet from previous sessions. Also found 900 scields worth of gold and gems in the shadow dragon’s hoard.

2013-10-25 & 28

900 scields from a Heahwisard, more money straight into Ásvör’s pocket. Shield and Ring relics as well.


200 scields and a Dagger of Suffering from the Darovian guards and cultists of Baleygr

  • 736 scields from partially digested Orc corpses
  • Bronze armband (+1 soak rolls)
  • Rune crystal memory booster (+1 to a knowledge skill when attuned)
  • Pothelm with farsight spell (d8 faith die)
  • 2417 scields from giants, the Reliquary, and Vance

Party Cache

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