Dargar, God of Slaughter and Violence

Eira, Goddess of Healing and Peace

Eostre, Goddess of Life and Harvest

Ertha, Goddess of Earth and Metal

Freo, God of Travel and Exploration

Hela, Goddess of Undeath and Decay

Hoenir, God of Knowledge and Learning

Hothar, God of Law and Order

Kenaz, God of Fire and Hearth

Maera, Goddess of Magic and Mystery

Nauthiz, God of Thievery and Chance

Neorthe, God of Water and Seas

Niht, Goddess of Secrets and Darkness

The Norns, Goddesses of Fate and Destiny

Rigr, God of Vigilance and Protection

Scaetha, Goddess of Death and Judgement

Sigel, God of Light and Sun

Thrym, God of Cold and Winter

Thunor, God of Weather and Sky

Tiw, God of Battle and Courage

Ullr, God of the Hunt and the Wild

The Unknowable One, God of Tricks and Stories

Vali, God of Vice and Corruption

Var, God of Wealth and Trade


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