*Argius Idiran*

Mage-Knight of the First Sphere


Name/Title: Mage-Knight Argius Idiran of the Second Sphere
Race: Human (Anari)
Age: 17
XP: 29
Glory: 42
Patron Deity: Maera


d6 Agility
d10 Smarts
d6 Strength
d8 Spirit
d6 Vigor

d6 Fighting
d10 Heahwisardry
d4 Intimidation
d6 Knowledge (Alchemy)
d10 Knowledge (Arcana)
d4 Knowledge (Heraldry)
d4 Knowledge (History)
d4 Knowledge (Law)
d4 Notice
d4 Persuasion
d4 Riding

Derived Statistics

Charisma: +3
Pace: 6
Parry: 6 (1)
Toughness: 7 (2)
Encumberance Penalty: 0


Code of Honor (Major)

  • Will not attack an unarmed opponent
  • Will not kill another Heahwisard, unless commanded by the Mage-King and in the context of a Mage Duel to the death
  • Will always give a Heahwisard opponent the option of a Mage Duel, in a sanctioned arena, if facing one another in combat
  • Will not endanger innocents when dueling or in combat

Quirk (Minor) – Will avoid speaking Trader unless absolutely necessary.
Cautious (Minor)
Phobia (Major) – Being without magic in a cave


Noble – Anari Mage-Knight; +2 Charisma
Rich – 5000 scields/year. Automatic with Noble

  • Equivalent to 384.6 scields per month, 12 per day
    Arcane Background – Heahwisardry


  • Anari
  • Classical Anari
  • Aspirian
  • Trader


Custom names for spells are encouraged by the Hellfrost PG, or something.

  • Fire of Drezone (Bolt)
    • Trapping: Fire
    • Range: 12/24/48
    • Duration: Instant
    • Effect: 2d6 damage (2d8 with -1 penalty, 2d10 with -2 penalty), up to three bolts with one action
  • Mage Meth Flash of Speed (Speed)
    • Trapping: Oh God So Fast Why So Fast
    • Trapping: Blurred feet
    • Range: Touch
    • Duration: Maintained
    • Effect: Pace is doubled. On a raise, running becomes a free action.
  • Empower Weapon (Smite)
    • Trapping: Acid (AP 2)
    • Range: Touch
    • Duration: Maintained
    • Effect: Weapon damage +2, +4 on a raise.
  • Servant of Idiran (Bodyguard)
    • Trapping: Lego Minifig
    • Trapping: Small figurine of a soldier.
    • Range: Adjacent
    • Duration: Maintained
    • Effect: Create Bodyguard
      • Attributes: AGI d6, SMA d6, SPI d6, STR d8, VIG d8
      • Skills: Fighting d8 Notice d6
      • Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 10 (4)
      • Gear: Longsword (Str + d8), medium shield (+1 Parry)
      • Special (Construct): +2 recover from shaken, no dmg from called shots, piercing does half dmg, immune to poison and disease
      • Special (Fearless) – immune to Fear and Intimiation
      • Special (Shieldwall): When adjacent to the caster, attacks against caster are at -1
      • Special (Armor) +4 Stone Skin
  • Frenzied Lightning (Burst)
    • Trapping: Lightning
    • Range: Cone Template
    • Duration: Instant
    • Effect: Targets make Agility roll versus arcane skill roll. Failures suffer 2d10 damage. This counts as a heavey weapon
    • Note: Learned via a Tome of Learning
  • Energy Immunity
    • Trapping: Mystic haze surrounds the target
    • Range: Touch
    • Duration: Maintained
    • Effect: This spell protects the target from one element or trapping type, chosen during the casting. Unless other-wise listed above, the caster may pick any element or trapping type. The GM should adjudicate trappings that do not easily fit. For instance, a boltspell using flying daggers should fall under earth because the dagger is made of metal, whereas a rainbow burstshould probably come under light. For the duration of the spell, the target suffers only half damage from this source, no damage with a raise. Note that this spell only stops direct attacks, making it the opposite of environmental protection.


Equipment Description Weight
Staff Str+d4, Reach 1, Parry +1 8
Tome of Learning Frenzied Lights (Burst) 1
Chain Shirt +2 Armor, torso and arms 10
Tailored Clothing +1 Charisma
Alchmist’s Trunk Make useful things 15
Bedroll 4
Flint and steel 1
Torch 1
Lantern 3
Oil (1 pint) 1
One week of rations 5
Backpack 2
Bodyguard (3)
Pigeon, Carrier (3) 1
Golemcrafter’s Ring Scholar (Alchemy) and +1 to Alchemy rolls
Scields: 124.2


  • 5 – Increase Smarts to d10
  • 10 – Edge: New Power – Bodyguard
  • 15 – Increase Knowledge (arcana) to d8 and Knowledge (alchemy) to d6
  • 20 – Edge: New Power – Energy Immunity
  • Bonus at Seasoned – Knowledge (arcana), Heahwizardry, Edge: Alchemy
  • 25 – Increase Spirit to d8

Glory Benefits

  • 20 – Heroic Status
  • 40 – Heroic Aura (+1 Toughness)


Born into the House of Idiran in the Magocracy, Argius was the third son of Mage-Count Howel Idiran of the Third Sphere. Argius attended the Port Helgen Academy of Magic from age 5 to 14. As is tradition, he became a heahwisard on the Staff Day in his fourteenth year. On that day he swore an oath to heahwisardy, to the Mage-King, and to his family.

Argius was noticeably more proficient than his siblings in the arcane arts, and devoted himself from a young age to his magical studies. He does not expect to inherit, but plans to advance the interests of House Idiran through research and spellcraft. He and his younger brother, Emeric, joked from a young age that they would travel the world to recover one of the lost Staves, elevating House Idiran to a Principality in its own right. With the training to appreciate the beauty and mystery of magic, it is now less of a joke and more of a raison d’ĂȘtre.

Family Tree

  • Father – Howel Idiran
    • Mage-Count of the Third Sphere
    • Has great ambition for House Idiran, but is loyal to Mage-Princess Olivia Hergenald. Whether that loyalty is true, or due to the amount of trade that is required to pass through Port Helgen (controlled by the Mage-Princess) is anyone’s guess.
  • Mother – Elianor Idiran nee Varrid
    • Mage-Countess of the Third Sphere
    • Daughter of Mage-Baron Adrian Varrid, vassal of House Haldir-Horgang
  • Siblings
    • Serin Idiran
      • Age 25
      • Mage-Baron of the Second Sphere
      • Attended the Academy of Heahwisardry in Kingshall
      • Married to Mage-Banneress Astia ap-Viktor of House Brolus.
        • Daughter of Mage-Count Viktor ap-Gaiden of House Brolus, a vassal of House Tharkness
    • Lusiane Hergenald nee Idiran
      • Age 23
      • Mage-Banneress of the First Sphere
      • Attended the Academy of Heahwisardry in Kingshall
      • Married to Mage-Banneret Maro Hergenald, nephew of Mage-Princess Olivia
    • Delbaeth Idiran
      • Age 19
      • Mage-Knight of the First Sphere
      • Attended the Port Helgen Academy of Magic
      • Slightly annoying older brother. The oldest at the academy, he liked to pretend that he was much more important than his younger siblings and ignored them completely.
    • Emeric Idiran
      • Age 16
      • Mage-Knight of the First Sphere
      • Attended the Port Helgen Academy of Magic
      • Closest sibling to Argius – being close in age, they shared a few classes at the academy.
    • Lucia Idiran
      • Age 14
      • Mage-Lady of the First Sphere
      • Recently had her Staff Day (Third Monandaeg in Eostremonan, 499 IR)
      • Betrothed to Mage-Knight Eduard Duilis, heir to Mage-Banneret Ris Duilis, a vassal of House Zandor
        • Slightly unhappy with this fact – she has never met the Mage-Banneret, and he is nearly twice her age. Politically it is a good match, but she has been trying to get out of the marriage.
        • Even if she cannot get out of it initially, it is only a bed marriage. If she provides a son or daughter to house Dullis, she can get out of the marriage in a year.
      • After Emeric, the closest of siblings to Argius. Somewhat shy, but magically powerful.

House Idiran

Idiran is a rising house, fueled by the ambition of Mage-Count Howel Idiran and the County’s fertile farmlands. Vassals of House Hergenald.

Sigil: Crossed staves above the crescent moon, on a background of dark red with a single grey stripe.

Argius’s Journal

*Argius Idiran*

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