Arcturus Wolfsunu

Mage-Knight of the Second Sphere


Arcturus Wolfsunu is the Captain of the “Wolf-pack,” Galmoor’s elite company of heavy cavalry. A leypawolf, he leads his company not from horseback but in the form of a monstrous direwolf. This, along with his well deserved reputation as a fierce and night invulnerable melee combatant, has made him indispensable Mage-Baron Gwanor’s efforts to control the rebellious nature of Galmoor’s peasantry. With thier speed, the Wolf-pack can reach anywhere in Galmoor within a day, and often their appearance alone would quell the populace.

Along with much of Galmoor’s military might, Arcturus was called to the town of Galmoor in response to the death of the Mage-Baron’s son. An excellent tracker, he set off with the First Finger of his Company to track down two of the culprits, Wojekt Skaldsunu and Nemith Tervaskanto. In the ensuring confrontation, Argius Idiran, feeling indebted to the two fugitives, struck down the Captain with the Fire of Drezone, leaving Arcturs badly burned and his survival uncertain

Arcturus Wolfsunu

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