Emeric ap-Terrell

Alantarin Military Captain


One of Alantaris Isle’s ten army captains, Emeric is fully committed to the Reclaimers’ cause; the restoration and complete dominance of the old Anari Empire over Rassilon. Currently, he is in favor of sending military support to the beleaguered Vestmark, and is using the growing threat of the tribes of the Orcwood – and their likely ties to Orcmark – as evidence that the continued existence of the Orc nation is a threat to Alantaris Isle.

His admirable and effective defense during the Night of the White Eye’s Sorrow raised his standing among the citizens of the Isle, though the death and destruction resulting from that raid has left the Citizens Council reluctant to send its army to war and leave the city vulnerable to another attack.

Frustrated by the council’s slow response and under increased strain due to the absence of his normally reliable adjutant, Emeric is growing more determined than ever to find some way to activate the steelwood golems discovered by his co-conspirator Briggzee. The captain is convinced such a force will be enough to overcome the council’s doubts and the orcs themselves.

Emeric ap-Terrell

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