Garth ap-Malack

Alantarin Military Adjutant


Garth ap-Malack has served as Emeric ap-Terrell’s capable adjutant for years. He has a keen mind for logistics, organization, and bureaucratic maneuvering, skills that have served Emeric well in his post as as a captain in Alantaris Isle’s army, as well as his off-the-books activities with the Reclaimers, who found his counsel instrumental in their operations. His record was not flawless, however, as it it was his suggestion that Briggzee give the Awakeners his original name that led to the arkhwisard’s death.

During an altercation with agents allied with the Cult of Maera, a series of stranger tattoos, flowing and glistening like quicksilver, and pulsing as if alive, were discovered on his scalp. Though not of any known magical art, the tattoos were clearly of an occult nature, bringing the attention of Maera’s clergy.

Since the altercation, Garth has been disoriented and absentminded at times, and no one has seen him since before the Night of the White Eye’s Sorrow. In his absence, and without his organizational abilities and counsel, Emeric is struggling.

Garth ap-Malack

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