Liaze ap-Aife

Sentinel of the Order of the Waning Sickle


Parry: 9
Toughness :10
Faith: d8
Fighting d10
Notice d8
Investigate d6
Spells: Dispel, Bolt, Sanctuary, and Smite (-2)
Hindrances: Black Sheep, Wanted, Vow, and Code of Honor
Edges: Arcane Background ( Miracles), Connections, (20) Disciple of Maera


Liaze was the second of twin girls born to Aife, second child of Mage Barren Bron and Emer, and Patris. While her older sister Ursanne was born on Staff day, Liaze was born an hour later, the next day. Ursanne was lauded on and Aife and Patris gave her everything she wanted and declared that she would be a great Mage Heahwisard, Liaze was mostly ignored. She befriended members of the local church of Meara and eventually decided to join the church. Her studies took her far away from home, not that she minded, the only people who she like we’re her cousin Gaidon, who was going to inherit the Barreny after his older Brother died, Until he siphoned, leaving Alfe followed by the Howel to inherit the title, and her crazy uncle Toox

Liaze eventually returned home as a member of the Order of the Waning Sickle. Liaze then started to do research into the siphoning to try and figure out if there was a way to undo it, both because it is an affront to Maera, and to try and cure Gaidon.

While doing research Liaze got an invitation to join a secret expedition to the lost Great temple-library to Hoenir. The expedition was attacked by magebanes, and Liaze barely escaped with her life.

Liaze was then banished from the mageocracy

While in Imperial City, she inadvertantly earned the eternal enmity of the Cult of Niht, who tracked her down and assassinated her, though not before she was able to relay the story of her expedition’s fate to a group of other fugitives from the Magocracy

Other background:
Mage Barren Bron ApBarsavi (68) and Armide (deceased)
Three children:
Mage Banneret Bron ApBron (50) married Tagwen Sanza(52) Two children Bron (deceased) and Gaidon (27)
Mage Lady Aife ApBron (48) married Patris Salvaras (49) Second son of Mage Barren Gobert Salvaras. Three children: Ursanne (28), Liaze (28), Howel (21)
Mage Knight ApBron (45) married Emer Apemeric (43)

Mage Barren Bron ApBarsavi swears fealty to Mage-Duke argus Easthelm
Tagwen Sanza: Second child of Mage Knight Calo Sanza, also has one older brother, Glado Sanza.
Bron III: was engaged to Sabetha Salvaran first daughter of Mage Knight Lukas Fehrwight until his death in an accident.
Gaidon: was engaged to Sabetha Salvaran until he siphoned
Emer Apemeric, third child to Lusiane Apemeric, third daughter of Mage knight Gaidon Apemeric.
And a crazy uncle Toox, youngest Brother of Patris Salvaras

Liaze ap-Aife

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