*Ásvör Stormcleaver*

Lightningdaughter of Thunor


Assumed name: Ásvör (aus-VEHR) the Stormcleaver
Aliases: Kida Writhgar/Whiteblood/Frostwalker
Race: Frostborn, Anari parents
Patron Diety: Thunor (pg. 75)
Age: 27
Class: Paladin
Heroic Status

EXP: 20Glory: 25 (Got 5 from going to Seasoned)

Agility – d6
Smarts – d6
Strength – d6
Spirit – d8
Vigor – d8

Hrimwisdry – d6
Faith – d6
Fighting – d8
Healing – d6
Notice – d6
Persuasion – d6 (Heroic +1)
Stealth – d6
Survival – d6
Streetwise – d4 (Heroic +1)

Charisma: -2
Pace: 6
Parry: 7 (shield)
+2 against ranged attacks
Toughness: 9
Languages: Anart, Trader, Fingerspeak

Hindrances: HeroicWanted
Orders (Arcane)

Arcane Backgrounds (Miracles)Holy Warrior

Armor (Icy Skin)
Environmental Protection (Against cold only)

Total Money: 175

7 schilds from spider puppet guy
700 schilds from Count Barling
+ Letter on his person
+Ring that is a relic
Ring of Golem crafting
Scholar Edge (Alchemy and Golem knowledge)
+1 in Alchemy

Blessed armor: 8lbs, +3, 500gp
Flint and Steel
Healer’s Bag
Spiritual Possessions (Cup, bowel, rag)

Warhammer: STR+d6, 8lbs, 250gp 4
Dagger, str
d4, 1lb, 25gp

Total weight: 16lbs


Whiteblood was born to a poor, Anari family living within the borders of the Magocracy. Although disgusted by their luck, they could not bring themselves to actually dispose of the child themselves so they wrapped Whiteblood in a sackcloth and left her on the steps of one of the orphanages in a nearby city. Despite the heavy prejudices against her perceived racial ailment, regional law required that all Anari born children were to be accepted into the folds of the orphanage and thus did Whiteblood’s life begin. Unfortunately, life within these smaller orphanages was often poor. Many children were contracted out to local villages as a form of labor and returned home at the end of the day to a few scraps of food and a caning before literally hitting the hay for the night.

Shortly after Whiteblood’s 8th birthday, she and her long-time friend and fellow frostborn, Sleettear, collected a small group of children together and attempted to runaway from the orphanage. Although they all managed to escape from the confines of the building, within hours of their escape they were found out and guards were sent into the nearby forests to find them. Only Whiteblood and Sleettear would manage to escape from the guards and they quickly attempted to make their way north.

On their journeys Whiteblood would discover many things, the first of which was that the Magocracy was tragically unkind to many within its realm (and not just children). Second, that this unkindness would be unleashed twofold for those who were unlucky enough to be born Frostborn. The two children were turned away, beaten, or chased out of town every time they removed their hoods long enough to seek help from seemingly welcome faces. Third, that there was a Frostborn community far to the West that might prove sympathetic to their struggles.

Over the next few years the two would steal, barter, and stow-away enough to get them halfway across the continent before being found out in the back of a Engro caravan. The two were chased out of the encampment mercilessly and left to bleed out on the edge of a forest. Whiteblood half-carried her badly hurt friend to a nearby rock enclosure just as a blizzard began to blow in from the north. As the two huddled together for warmth Whiteblood prayed to the god Thunor that if he should quell this storm and offer protection to she and her comrade that she would devote the rest of her life to his will. Within the hour a couple of traveling herbalists came by to seek shelter from the blizzard, noticed the two children, and treated their wounds. They sat together for the next few hours until the storm died down, and from then until they reached their ultimate destination the two children were met with only fair weather and similarly friendly journeymen and fellow followers of the god, Thunor.

Once they came upon their destination, the two now teenagers adopted new names to represent the rebirth of their lives. Sheettear, now Taeldír, chose to get involved with the regional government while Whiteblood, now Ásvör, chose to devote her life to the teachings of Thunor. Her mission in the world was to travel, spread ideas of freedom to any she could find, and attempt to lift the chains of oppression off of the oppressed and enslaved. During her time as a Lightningdaughter, she has traveled to many places, such as Cul, to help lead an insurrection of a slave colony against their masters, and the MArklands to encourage a peasants to fight for a better life for themselves. Now that she feels like she is in the prime of her life, she is ready to take on her biggest, most personal challenge: to create a team of like-minded individuals who will help her overthrow the longstanding cruelty and tyranny endemic within the Magocracy itself.

*Ásvör Stormcleaver*

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