*Tahquil ap-Loeg*

Convocation Magus of Waeter and Fyr


Race: Human (Anari)
Age: 18
XP: 45
Glory: 61


d8 Agility
d8 Smarts
d4 Strength
d6 Spirit
d6 Vigor

d8 Knowledge: Arcane
d8 Stealth
d8 Investigation
d8 Persuasion
d10 Arcane: Elementalism
d8 Notice
d8 Fighting

Parry: 6
Toughness: 6
Charisma: 2


  • Orders (minor) – Convocation
  • Anemic – (minor)
  • Curious (Major)
  • Big Mouth (minor)
  • Mark of Fear (-1 Charisma)


  • Attractive: +2 Charisma
  • Arcane Background – Elementalism
  • Connections (Convocation)
  • Spell Finesse – Arcane (for Bolt. Raises wild die)
  • Combat Reflexes – +2 to Spirit roll to recover from Shaken


  • Anari
  • Classical Anari
  • Chalcian
  • Trader


Patron Deity: Maera


  • Bolt (freezing water)
  • Detect/Conceal
  • Healing
  • Elemental Manipulation (Waeter, Fyr)


  • Tailored clothes (+1 Charisma)
  • Leather shirt (+1 Vigor, -1 Swimming)
  • Dagger (Str+d4 damage)
  • Intimidating Cloak (+1 Intimidate, Fire Aura at d10 no wild die no elemental penalty)

Advances taken

  1. Notice and Stealth raised
  2. Agility raised to d8
  3. Edge taken: Spell Finesse for Bolt
  4. Raised spellcasting to d10
  5. (on raise in status) raised fighting to d8, stealth to d8
  6. Learned FIRE
  7. Learned Combat Reflexes
  8. Learned Elemental Manipulation
  9. Glory 40 reward: Followers OF SOME KIND AAAAAARGH
  10. Raised rank: Learned SOMETHING

Water elementalist (Prynciple)

Born the seventh and last child of Baron Loeg ap-Nil, Tahquil was too late to get much attention from her siblings. Since Ashalind, Tahquil’s mother, died giving birth to Tahquil, she was never very popular with her father either.

Tahquil was born a little prematurely, obviously with very messy complications. The birth was such that it guaranteed the death of her mother at the cost of her life. This was against Loeg’s wishes, that his wife be sacrificed for another child, when he already had more than enough to assure his family’s legacy would continue. Possibly due to the birth complications, Tahquil was not very healthy growing up. Loeg resented the extra cost for doctors on top of just the wetnurse. It didn’t help that Tahquil would frequently run away from home, to be found in some dank area (not hard in a port town), sick again. After the first six months of this behavior, Loeg refused to pay for doctors, leaving Tahquil to either slowly recover on her own, or one of her older siblings to notice and covertly arrange for medical aid.

Since his youngest daughter was not much more than a drain on his resources (mental and monetary), Loeg started looking for a way to get Tahquil out of his life. He had begun arranging a marriage in some backwater place. Meanwhile, Tahquil had been making her own arrangements, and was heading off to the Convocation. When he found out about these plans, Loeg was furious. Tahquil joining the elementalists would be of lesser benefit to himself than her theoretical fiance’s connections. After a very heated argument, Tahquil ran to the Convocation, abandoning her father’s plans.

In an effort to distance herself from her father, and to make herself useful, Tahquil joined the Convocation of Elementalists, where her quick wits finally made her useful. She first studied healing, to better deal with her own frailty. Through her childhood years running around in Shapryr, she already had a fairly close tie with water. Her efforts to ingratiate herself to her elders went quite a bit better when there wasn’t a disapproving Baron in the background, and Tahquil found herself a helpful mentor.

Liam is a maegister of all elements but earth, with a reputation for fair judgment. Tahquil appreciated his lack of judgment (for good or ill) of her being the ill-favored youngest daughter of a noble, and remains grateful to him.



  • Baron Loeg


  • Ashalind (deceased)
  • Diarmid 35(m) Set to inherit everything from the Baron. Right now, manages some small businesses in Shapryr.
  • Iainh 28 (m) and Padraigh 28 (m) (identical twins)
  • Gwyneth 25 (f) Married to a minor official in Sacros. A bit haughty; she doesn’t visit Shapryr much.
  • Imrhien 24 (f)
  • Caelinh 22 (m)

*Tahquil ap-Loeg*

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