Night of the White Eye's Sorrow

499 I.R.

On the third Monandaeg of Werremonan, the orc tribes of Alantaris Isle’s Orcwood launched a raid on the Imperial City, using the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city to bypass its outer defenses. While large for a typical orc raid (around 500 orcs in total), the raiders were thrown back by Captain Emeric ap-Terrell’s quick and organized response. Having cost the city a fewer than five hundred deaths and a few dozen buildings, it seemed that the raid , whatever its purpose, had been an utter failure.

But that, unfortunately, was not the case. Gathered together in their temple to observe their deity’s holy day, the Orders of the Waning and Waxing Sickle were caught unaware by the brunt of the orcs’ attack and were massacred to the last man, their caches of relics and alchemical devices stolen, and their temple burned, giving the night its name. Given the timing of the attack, it became apparent that the destruction of Maera’s cult was the real purpose of the attack, with the other raids serving primarily as diversions. Beyond knowing that the orcs entered the temple through the tunnels, it is unknown how the raiders bypassed the considerable defenses in the temple and its vaults.

In addition, it was learned that tribes not native to Alantaris Isle had participated in the attack, leading Captain Emeric to believe in an alliance with Orcmark. The cooperation of the island’s numerous tribes, he argued, indicated more to come and could not be ignored.

Night of the White Eye's Sorrow

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